About Us

Welcome to Dunkeld Park Pet Hotel – quite literally a unique high-class ‘state of the art’ boutique pet boarding facility in a rural location – but without the capital city pricing.

Dunkeld Park Pet Hotel is a new development, based on excellent design features from all over the globe, where sleep, comfort and rest at night is guaranteed due to the fabulous design and workmanship of the craftsmen who designed and built it and where exercise is safe and energetic if desired.

Dunkeld Park Pet HotelExternal view of dog kennel building entrance

The Dunkeld Park Pet Hotel is a capital city standard of accommodation in a NSW Central West rural location.

Capital city customers have demanded for years for a place to board their loved pets in state of the art accommodation. They demand features such as; reverse cycle air-conditioning, under-floor heating, large enclosures, pest proof accommodation and pest proof food storage. And they demanded great exercise safe areas, unique personal care, cleanliness of facilities, no harmful chemicals and customer convenience and much more. Now in the Central West.

Gone are the days of open and unheated kennels and the use of heat pads.

Gone are the days of no air-conditioning and of stinking hot nights and boiling days that your loved ones had to endure if staying locally.

Gone are the days of dictating when or even if a customer can access the facilities they have paid for.

Gone are the days of bleach and other harmful chemicals and of rodents spoiling food and of snakes and other pests that can affect your pets.

Gone are the days of heavily inflated unjustified costs, and this is so true in farming communities where those rural residents won’t tolerate over-priced capital city fees – and where those rural customers demand ‘value for money’.

Gone are the days of not allowing customers to actually see and tour the pet accommodation – surely the customer deserves more?

Gone are the days of one type of food at one time of the day – putting you and your pet’s routine out of sync with their home environment.

Gone are the days of loud nuisance dog noise – especially at night – these kennels are purpose designed – after all we live 60m from the kennel building

Dunkeld Park Pet HotelInternal view of the state of the art dog kennel building
Dunkeld Park Pet Hotel

Evening view of the external kennel cages

Development History;
We fought Bathurst Council long and hard to achieve this development – where the planners were approving it on many occasions only to see the approval recommendation vetoed by the majority of the Bathurst Regional Council councillors and current mayor of the council stated that this facility was “not in the public interest”. 

With three majorly objecting neighbours – the nearest objecting neighbour is 480m away, the other two objecting neighbours 610m (over a hill) and lastly 1.5km away.
So through the Environment Court of NSW we trudged and the courts findings were obvious from the outset – as the planners stated this development was approved.

This cost the Bathurst Council ratepayers some $200,000+ because those councillors went against their own internal professional staffs recommendations and also against independent external recommendations that the council had commissioned and paid for too

During the 1.5 year fight the council councillors even introduced new planning guidelines and surprisingly the new ones continued to allow Pet Boarding facilities in this area and totally opposite to what they were refusing when voting against the development.

And here we are the Number 1 Pet Hotel in NSW as reviewed and voted by customers, pet lovers and the public with 100% 5* ratings.

You can tour the facility by appointment at anytime between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Pet Drop off and Pet Pickup times by arrangement again between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm 7 days per week. This avoids any clashing of customers and easy traffic management.

Dunkeld Park Pet HotelInternal view of one of the under-floor heated sleeping enclosures
Dunkeld Park Pet HotelBoth Cats and Dogs are catered for and our Cattery is designed to provide a lovely break for our Cattery Lounge Area
Dunkeld Park Pet HotelRear cage side kennel building


You can tour the facility by appointment at anytime between 8am and 5pm.

Normal Opening Times

Pet Drop off and Pet Pickup times by arrangement between 8am and 5pm 7 days per week. This avoids any clashing of customers and easy traffic management.

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

We don’t like to totally close as we believe it’s not good customer service. So, we are planning to open everyday. Reduced opening hours are as follows;

8am -12pm (noon) Christmas Eve, 10-12pm Christmas Day, 9-3pm Boxing Day 

10-1pm New Years Eve, 11-2pm New Years Day

So you can drop off on Christmas Day and Pickup on New Years Day within the hours above by appointment, i.e. we stagger cars arriving so everyone doesn’t come at the same time.

Quick Contact

We’ve found that the best way to contact us is to either phone or text to 0434 339 329.

Please provide us with the dates required, the breed, vaccinations and Desexed status if male.